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Bovine TB
Defra presses on with TB target

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More than half of England could be declared Officially TB-Free (OTF) if the European Commission agrees to upgrading the country’s status.

Defra has made the application for the low-risk area of England (see map) two years earlier than planned, as part of a drive to improve trade for British farmers.

Environment minister George Eustice announced the move in a written ministerial statement last week, as part of an update on the Government’s 25-year strategy to control TB in cattle.

At the same time he launched the latest in a series of consultation exercises aimed at introducing effective and proportionate TB control measures.

The proposed changes include the introduction of routine six-monthly surveillance testing for herds in high-risk areas but less frequent testing (unspecified) for lower risk herds where farmers can demonstrate good biosecurity. The aim here, said Mr Eustice, is to introduce a simpler, more risk-based …

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