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Infection dynamics of Mycoplasma hyorhinis in three commercial pig populations
  1. MJ Clavijo1,
  2. D Murray2,
  3. S Oliveira3 and
  4. A Rovira3
  1. 1College of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University, USA
  2. 2New Fashion Pork, Jackson, USA
  3. 3College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, USA
  1. e-mail: mclavijo{at}

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In recent years, Mycoplasma hyorhinis has been a frequent concern for pig veterinarians dealing with postweaning morbidity and mortality. M hyorhinis was detected by PCR in 44 per cent of polyserositis and 12 per cent of arthritis cases submitted to the Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in 2015. These results highlight the importance of M hyorhinis in postweaning pig mortality in the USA. There is limited information on the epidemiology of M hyorhinis in modern pig production systems. Such information is vital for the design and implementation of control and prevention strategies.

Main conclusion

The results of this study showed that the prevalence of nasal colonisation by M hyorhinis in sows and preweaning piglets was low (<10 per cent) and very high by the end of the nursery period (>98 per cent). Detection of M hyorhinis in systemic sites was observed in diseased pigs and with a strong association with the presence …

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