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Identification, assessment and management of new and re-emerging animal-related risks: UK perspective
  1. R Kosmider1,
  2. J Gibbens1 and
  3. Avigad R2
  1. 1Animal and Plant Health Agency – Weybridge, Surrey, UK
  2. 2Animal and Plant Health Agency, Nobel House, London, UK
  1. e-mail: jane.gibbens{at}

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Society is constantly at risk from new and re-emerging animal-related threats; this is reflected in the UK by exotic disease outbreaks such as foot-and-mouth disease (2001, 2007) and the emergence of Schmallenberg disease (2012). Identification of such threats enables preparedness and allows timely mitigating actions to be taken. To assist with this a Veterinary Risk Group (VRG) was established in the UK in 2009. The VRG provides a systematic approach to identify and deal with animal-related threats rapidly and effectively. This paper describes the VRG and the transparent and auditable processes now used for identifying, assessing, escalating and prioritising such threats in the UK.

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The VRG processes ensure colleagues who manage different animal health policy areas within government consider …

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