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Practice Standards
Rewards of the Practice Standards Scheme
  1. Sarah Colegrave
  1. Mill House Veterinary Hospital, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE30 2QG
  1. e-mail: sarah{at}

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I would like to comment on Daphne Chapleo’s letter (VR, September 9, 2017, vol 181, p 271)

Our practice has recently entered the Practice Standards Scheme. The whole practice – vets, nurses, admin and support staff – have found it an incredibly rewarding exercise. I don’t believe it is possible to achieve ‘Outstanding’ in the awards unless there is a true ethos of excellence within the whole team. Rather than being a tick-box exercise, the scheme carefully examines adherence to best practice policies, looking at written data and talking to staff to provide evidence. The scheme has helped our junior staff understand why certain practice policies and protocols exist. It has encouraged team working to gather the evidence required for the awards and has given a great morale boost to have external validation of the high standards we aim for. I can only think that the scheme will improve standards throughout the profession.

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