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Veterinary research
Veterinary research in clinical practice
  1. Paul R Manning1
  1. 1Astonlee Veterinary Hospital, Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire MK16 9BA
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I READ with interest five items in the Veterinary Record (August 19/26, 2017 vol 181, pp 182, 208, 209-210)1,2 on various aspects of the challenge of the paucity of existing quality evidence, planning, doing, funding, bias and delivering quality research relevant to practitioners, clients and patients.

Clinical decision making in veterinary practice is ideally based on the best evidence available, which includes the expertise of the clinician, sharing among clinicians, and feedback from clients together with observations in the field by the clinicians and their clients.

Patient-orientated evidence matters the most in the three pillars of evidence-based veterinary medicine (knowledge about the patient/owner, individual clinical expertise and best external evidence).

I would …

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