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One health
One Health and antimicrobial resistance
  1. Lloyd Reeve-Johnson
  1. Professor of One Health, Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering, Univeristy of Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia; e-mail:

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THE letter endorsed by the Royal Society of Medicine, Faculty of Public Health and British Medical Association calling for an immediate UK-wide ban on routine mass use of antimicrobials in animals in November 2016 has already received attention in Veterinary Record (VR, November 19, 2016, vol 179, p 502). Antimicrobial resistance is clearly of major concern to the future health of people and animals. However, finger-pointing between human and veterinary healthcare is unhelpful in the context of an integrated One Health response. As a veterinarian who also spends a lot of time working as a human doctor (and is therefore ‘guilty’ of dispensing antibiotics in both species), I suggest it is relevant to consider differences that promulgate or limit antimicrobial use in human or veterinary practice. Relevant factors include:

▪ Antimicrobial use is …

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