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Skills for Communicating in Veterinary Medicine
Developing effective consultations to improve clinical outcomes
  1. Sue Dawson
  1. HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist

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Cindy L. Adams, Suzanne Kurtz
332 pages, paperback, £35
Otmoor Publishing. 2017. ISBN 978 191 030 3122

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‘SKILLS for Communicating in Veterinary Medicine’ is a book that delivers its promise – it does exactly what it says on the cover.

Cindy L. Adams and Suzanne Kurtz have carefully put together an evidence-based, practice-focused guide to communication skills for professionals in veterinary practice that is exceptionally well structured and relevant. Perhaps paradoxically the attention to structure can also at times make for a pedestrian read.

The authors explain their decision to shift from an issues and attitude-based approach to a predominantly skills-based focus to enhance communication in veterinary medicine. Their aim is to enable clinicians to become motivated and more able to put values, beliefs and intentions into practice.

The authors drawing from a substantive evidence base from veterinary and human medicine. This integrative stance offers …

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