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Final-year student seminar is 30 years old
  1. Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons


Did you learn something vital at the Lancaster final-year students’ seminar? Or did someone you met have an impact on your career? If so, the Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons wants to hear from you.

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Since the first final-year seminar in 1987, the veterinary curriculum has moved on, but students’ questions and concerns about their first job remain the same.

At SPVS, we recognise that many people have contributed to the event over the years, whether as an organiser, a supporter or just by attending and then sharing their experiences with others. We're sure that there are many stories to tell, which is why we're asking you to share your Lancaster or new graduate story to inspire the next generation.

We'd like a 250-word story or short film clip of your SPVS Lancaster story. It might be about the creation of a network, a vital skill you learnt that helped in your professional life or a special person you met. We want to create an inspirational retrospective testimonial to the event.

Seminar organiser, Cat Curtis says, ‘Vets frequently tell us that attending SPVS Lancaster was one of the most impactful things they did early in their career. We want to capture the things that make it special; the memories people have and then use that energy to inspire our next generation of vets.’

To submit your story, e-mail:, tweet @SPVSLancaster or share it on our SPVS Facebook page.

This year, over 200 students, vets, sponsors and supporting organisations will be at Lancaster university from July 7 to 9. Taking the 1980s as the theme, there will be a gala dinner with a live band and a big party on Saturday, July 8.

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