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Digital dermatitis
Digital dermatitis-associated treponemes in a wound in a sheep

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THE three pathogenic treponemes associated with bovine digital dermatitis (DD), Treponema medium, Treponema phagedenis and Treponema pedis, have been reported to infect a variety of tissues and structures in cattle, including pressure sores (Clegg and others 2016c), hock lesions (Clegg and others 2016a), the so-called ‘non-healing’ hoof disorders (Evans and others 2011), and ischaemic teat necrosis lesions (Clegg and others 2016b). In sheep, these DD treponemes are strongly associated with the disease contagious ovine digital dermatitis (CODD) (Sullivan and others 2015) and are now considered a necessary cause of disease.

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