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All vets ‘vital’ to a successful UK PLC

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VETS are critical to achieving the UK government's vision for high animal welfare and food safety standards following the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

That is the central message in the BVA's report, ‘Brexit and the Veterinary Profession’, published this week to inform the government's forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

The 45-page document sets out 52 recommendations (see a selection in box). Among them are key messages about the UK veterinary workforce, animal welfare and food hygiene and safety.

The report says non-British EU vets are a vital part of the UK veterinary workforce. Around 50 per cent of vets registering to practise in the UK each year now come from overseas, with the vast majority from the rest of the EU.

Numbers are particularly concentrated in certain areas – up to 95 per cent of vets working in food hygiene and public health are estimated to have graduated overseas.

Crucially, recruitment difficulties are adding to workforce pressures with one-fifth of vets reporting that it has become harder to recruit since …

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