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One health
‘It's time to do the right thing for our patients. Let's leave the ego at the door’

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PROFESSIONAL ego and lack of will is getting in the way of collaboration between doctors and vets and driving the One Health agenda.

That is the view of Noel Fitzpatrick, Professor of Veterinary Orthopaedics, University of Surrey and managing director of specialist small animal hospital Fitzpatrick Referrals, who is known for his interdisciplinary approach to working.

He made the claim during a discussion on whether vets and doctors should work more closely together for the BBC World Service programme, ‘The Evidence’, broadcast this month.

‘People will accuse me of having the most massive ego on the face of the planet because I'm on TV. And I don't deny it. All surgeons are egotistical – you have to have an ego to go into theatre. What it will take (is that) human doctors and vet surgeons need to be a little more humble,’ he said.

‘It is time for everyone to sit up, look in the mirror and realise it's time to do the right thing for …

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