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Oral medication for cats

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I WAS interested to read the paper by Sivén and colleagues (2016) in Veterinary Record, regarding the difficulties in administration of oral medication to cats. The paper addresses a soapbox issue of mine, in that I have long-believed that there are thousands of tablets prescribed for cats left sitting on shelves or in cupboards because owners do not know how to administer them. I believe strongly that the ability to dose a cat orally should be a core skill for every vet in practice, simply because we prescribe so many tablets. I would like to share the following technique, taught to me when aged 14 by a wonderful mentor and employer, Mr N. J. Easton in Leeds, which I have demonstrated daily to cat owners.

First, I always make a point of stroking the cat's head and chin before and after the procedure, with the intention of creating a nice friendly trusting association with the treatment. This also allows one to assess the cat's temperament when initially handled around the head, forewarned being forearmed …

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