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Veterinary medicines
Reclassification of monepantel

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AS sheep practitioners we write with concern at the news that, as of July 1, 2017, Zolvix (Elanco Animal Health) will be reclassified from a POM-V to a POM-VPS medicine (AMTRA 2017).

The concerns surrounding anthelmintic resistance are serious, multiple and well documented. Zolvix plays a vital role in delaying the onset of resistance on-farm through the use of strategic ‘knock-out’ drenches and quarantine protocols.

We acknowledge and emphasise the importance of identifying and managing anthelmintic resistance on farm given its widespread prevalence (Thomas and others 2015). Our clinical experience suggests that this is replicated across the UK and is a long-term threat to the productivity and profitability of commercial sheep flocks (Glover and others 2017).

Given the extent of resistance, this requires whole flock revision of management practices from quarantine, …

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