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Rabbit Medicine and Surgery: Self-Assessment Review, 2nd edn
Building on general rabbit knowledge
  1. Marianne Mutton
  1. First opinion vet with a large rabbit case load

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Emma Keeble, Anna Meredith and Jenna Richardson
243 pages, softback, £26.99.
CRC Press. 2016.
ISBN 978 1 49873 079 2

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I CONFESS that I have not read a self-assessment textbook since my student days, but after reading this one I will definitely reach for more of them. Rabbit Medicine and Surgery delivers the detail of a standard textbook in a question based format, complemented by colour illustrations.

The book covers nearly every topic that a first opinion practitioner should need to know about rabbits, with the common medical and surgical conditions covered, almost in their entirety, with the 232 questions. The first third of the book …

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