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Sentencing for animal cruelty
  1. Robin Hargreaves
  1. Past President BVA, Rookwood, Colne, Lancashire BB8 8NU; e-mail:

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IN the Comment piece last week (VR, March 4, 2017, vol 180, p 210), Adele Waters poses a number of questions about the response of individual vets and the profession as a whole to the question of sentencing for those found guilty of animal abuse.

Ms Waters states that the BVA not having a position on the issue can lead to confusion.

I respond as a past officer of the BVA but also as a general practitioner with more than 30 years' experience, during which time I have dealt with several cases of potential non-accidental injury and neglect.

It is entirely appropriate that a veterinary representative body should expect sentencing to be appropriate, proportionate, consistent and robustly applied. I don't think any member of the veterinary professions or their associations would take …

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