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Fenner's Veterinary Virology, 5th edn
Principles of virology
  1. Ben Smith
  1. Veterinary student, Royal Veterinary College

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N. Maclachlan, Edward J. Dubovi
602 pages, hardback, £78.99.
Academic Press. 2016.
ISBN 978 0 12800 946 8

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A LOT has happened since the fourth edition of Fenner's Veterinary Virology was published in 2011, which probably accounts for the fifth edition being 15 per cent larger. The past five years have seen several new emergences and spillover events; some significant yet unnoticed by the general public. Schmallenberg virus was first identified in Germany in 2011 and confirmed to be present in the UK at the beginning of 2012. There were 266 outbreaks in the UK in that year. In recent years, outbreaks of African swine fever virus have been seen across six eastern European countries where farming practices and …

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