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Veterinary Dentistry: Self Assessment Color Review, 2nd edn
Self-assessment on veterinary dentistry
  1. Simone Kirby

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Edited by Frank J. M. Verstraete and Anson J. Tsugawa
255 pages, paperback, £26.99.
CRC Press. 2015.
ISBN 978 1 48222 545 7

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I FIRST bought this book in its first edition and used it as a study guide when I was a specialist-in-training. I have always found it inspiring with its mixture of basic topics but making the reader think more deeply about these basics, plus questions pertaining to clinical photo examples, which are the closest thing to having an expert sharing some of their cases with you.

With this new edition, a good quarter of the case examples are new. Further updates include important new technologies that are worth knowing about, and some case examples …

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