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Addressing disillusionment among young vets
  1. Caroline Clarke1,
  2. David Knights2 and
  3. Graham Finch3
  1. 1Open University Business School, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
  2. 2Lancaster University Management School, Lancaster LA1 4YW
  3. 3500 Uxbridge Road, Pinner HA5 4SL; e-mail:

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WE have been following with interest recent articles on the existing state of the veterinary profession in relation to demographic changes, veterinary well-being, professional identity and disillusionment among young vets.

Two of us have recently conducted research among practising veterinary surgeons across a range of different practice modalities (Clarke and Knights 2015a, Clarke and Knights 2015b, Knights and Clarke 2015) and our findings may both add to the discussion and contrast with some of the comments reported by Anthony Ridge in his article summarising a recent meeting at the House of Lords on disillusionment among young vets (VR, October 15, 2016, vol 179, pp 375-376).

It is interesting to note that recent graduates indicated career progression, insufficient pay and poor work/life balance together with a ‘lack of management and support by bosses’ as significant factors in causing disillusionment. Our research also recognises some of these issues as …

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