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Court experts
Expert witnesses and the Dangerous Dogs Act
  1. Kendal Shepherd1 and
  2. Simon Newbery2
  1. 148a High Street, Woodford, Northamptonshire NN14 4HF
  2. 2Greenside Veterinary Surgery, South Yorkshire S75 6GU; e-mail:

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AS members of the British Veterinary Forensics and Law Association, we read with great interest the summary of the paper ‘Assessment of unnecessary suffering in animals by veterinary experts’ (Baumgaertner and others 2016) as well as the accompanying editorial by David Morton on ‘Animal suffering and expert evidence’ (VR, September 24, 2016, vol 179, pp 305-307).

Both the paper and the editorial highlight the great variation in approach, methods and analysis among veterinary surgeons acting as court experts, as judged by their written reports, leading to variation in quality and conflicting opinions, with subsequent implications for ensuring justice. Of great fundamental concern …

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