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BVA President praises Scotland's lead on animal welfare

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ANIMAL welfare formed a central theme of a speech given by Sean Wensley, the BVA President, at the BVA's Scottish dinner, held at the Scottish Parliament last week.

In his speech on September 13, Mr Wensley said it seemed fitting that his penultimate speech as BVA President was in Scotland, ‘a country that has led the way on tackling many animal welfare problems’. He emphasised that a key objective following Brexit would be to ensure that ‘the UK does not slip in its world-leading outlook and outputs on animal welfare’.

He welcomed an announcement by Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, of a Bill to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses (VR, September 17, 2016, vol 179, p 267), commending the Scottish Government for seizing the opportunity to improve animal welfare. He said that the BVA would be urging the other administrations in the UK to follow Scotland's lead, adding: ‘This is an issue that BVA has been campaigning on and, while it may not affect a great number of individual animals in the UK, the use of wild animals in travelling circuses is emblematic of the way we …

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