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Antimicrobial resistance
Monitoring antibiotic-resistant bacteria in meat

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REDUCED and targeted use of antibiotics in animal agriculture is just ‘one piece of the jigsaw’ in tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and there needs to be increased collaboration between health sectors, with the veterinary profession committed to playing its part, to ensure positive steps are taken to preserve these drugs for future generations.

So said the BVA, the British Veterinary Poultry Association and the Pig Veterinary Society as they responded with a joint statement to press reports discussing recent research that identified antibiotic-resistant bacteria in chicken and pork samples from British supermarkets.

Noting that the veterinary profession recognised that AMR was a global problem for both people and animals, the three organisations explained that the profession was working hard with companion animal owners, livestock farmers and other species stakeholders to promote the responsible use of antibiotics. ‘Antimicrobials are crucial for the maintenance of animal health and welfare, and there are many innovative and important developments …

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