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BVA President emphasises importance of collaboration in tackling AMR

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‘TO tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR) it is imperative that human and animal health organisations work together at strategic and individual levels. The BVA is committed to strengthening that collaboration through our interprofessional One Health working group, while proactive work is also taking place throughout the veterinary profession to promote the responsible use of antimicrobials. We all recognise that tackling AMR will require us to continue thinking globally and acting locally.’

So said Sean Wensley, the BVA President, in his speech to the annual BVA Welsh dinner, held at City Hall in Cardiff on June 21. The Welsh dinner is one of a series of such events held by the BVA in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland each year, with the aim of bringing issues of importance to the veterinary profession to the attention of policymakers, the agriculture industry and others with an interest in animal welfare.

Describing AMR as ‘one of the greatest challenges to both animal and human health’, Mr Wensley said that the issue was a top priority for the BVA and that …

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