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Thermography and saddle fitting
  1. Pedro Vicente Michelotto1,
  2. Denise Adamczyk Kozemjakin1 and
  3. Ênio Augusto Granatto de Oliveira2
  1. 1Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, Rua Guarani, 500 Jardim Coopagro, Toledo, Paraná, 85902-532, Brazil
  2. 2Polícia Militar do Paraná, Rua Presidente Vargas, 689, Barra do Jacaré, Paraná, 86385-000, Brazil, e-mail:

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SADDLES are rarely acquired after taking into consideration the features of the horse's back and other measures. However, recent findings showing exercise-induced muscle expansion in horses with well-fitting saddles (Greve and others 2015), and correlation between slippery saddles and hindlimb lameness (Anon 2012), have made saddle evaluation a critical step in lameness assessments, routine care, and prevention of lameness of event horses.

We recently used thermography to check the saddles in a research initiation programme for undergraduate students. Three different saddles (jumping, dressage and police saddles), lightweight and heavyweight riders (70 kg and 100 kg, respectively) …

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