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RCVS disciplinary committee
Case dismissed against south London veterinary surgeon

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THE RCVS Disciplinary Committee has dismissed a case against a veterinary surgeon who faced disciplinary charges of clinical failings relating to his treatment of a cat and of keeping poor and misleading clinical records.

Duncan Davidson, who was a sole practitioner and owner of a veterinary clinic in south London until his retirement in November 2014, faced two charges. The first alleged that he had failed to provide adequate care to a cat. This charge comprised four parts: that Dr Davidson had inappropriately administered corticosteroids; that he had failed to administer adequate fluid therapy; that he had discharged the cat to its owner suggesting a referral, when he should have suggested or arranged a same-day referral; and that he had failed to communicate the urgency of referral or further investigation of the cat's condition to its owner.

The second charge was made up of two parts: that he dishonestly made retrospective alterations to the cat's clinical records; and that he failed to keep clear, accurate and detailed clinical records. …

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