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From Rural Tranquillity to National Crisis. A Farm Vet's Story
A career in government service
  1. Alasdair Cook

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David Harwood272 pages, paperback, £12.99. Old Pond Publishing. 2015. ISBN 978 1 91045 501 2

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WHY write an autobiography? Why read one? David Harwood's answer to the former is that it was an exercise in catharsis. Readers of this slim and entertaining volume will find several good reasons for the latter – his personal story, his experiences of a rapidly changing world, and his insights into the events and changes that impacted on his life as a farm animal vet over nearly half a century.

David charts a personal and professional life through the new Elizabethan age of the second half of the 20th century. His life story begins in a now nostalgic vision of village life, where Muffin the Mule offers the latest technological wizardry and we can almost smell the fresh air breathed by this son of a market gardener. His unsentimental account also carries …

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