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Professional wellbeing
Support for recent graduates
  1. Nicky Robinson1,
  2. Nick Jackson2,
  3. Chris Ogden3,
  4. Lauren Iredale3,
  5. Jamie McColl4 and
  6. Harriet Potter5
  1. Westpoint Farm Vets, Ednaston Business Centre, Hollington Lane, Ednaston, Derbyshire DE6 3AE
  2. E. C. Straiton & Partners, The Veterinary Hospital, Cannock Road, Penkridge, Stafford ST19 5RY
  3. The Glenthorne Veterinary Group, 71 Derby Road, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire ST14 8EB
  4. Hope Veterinary Surgery, Trentham Lakes District Centre, Stanley Mathews Way, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 8AD
  5. McMurtry and Harding Clifton Road, Clifton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 2DH e-mail:

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WE listened with interest to Radio 4's All in the Mind programme recently on the high suicide rates within the veterinary profession. Several reasons were attributed to this issue including occupational stressors, higher than average rates of mental health issues within the profession, and the reluctance of vets to seek assistance in times of trouble.

The transition between vet school and life in practice has widely been accepted as stressful, and there has been much discussion around retaining vets within the profession. What is perhaps most worrying was a number of subgroups identified in the programme that are most at risk of developing mental health issues, including under 35s, females …

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