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Continuity of care
  1. Simon Turner
  1. Chine House Veterinary Hospital, 12 Cossington Road, Sileby, Leicestershire LE12 7RS, e-mail:

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IN those happy, halcyon days of yore, clients were for life. You knew them like friends and knew their animals better. Sadly those times are rapidly vanishing and, ultimately, it will be the health and welfare of the animals ‘under our care’ that will suffer.

The current trend seems to be a particular problem in equine practice. Clients seem to be registered not with one practice but often with two or more. Veterinary practices are treated no differently than the long list of high street supermarkets where loyalty does not exist and price, fads and convenience are everything. It is commonplace for horse owners to consult whichever vet happens to be on the yard when they feel that they have an urgent issue that needs addressing. Horses and/or vets may also travel long distances for a first consultation.

The problem was highlighted to me recently …

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