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Wound bio-burden and prevalence of multidrug-resistant bacteria during open wound management in dogs and cats

M. C. Nolff, S. Reese, M. Fehr, R. Dening, A. Meyer-Lindenberg

OPEN wound treatment can be helpful before reconstructive surgery or to manage infection. Surgical site infection or bacterial infection complicated by multidrug-resistant bacteria are among the most frequent problems encountered in open wound therapy in dogs. This study aimed to compare the bacterial bio-burdens of open-treated wounds and bite wounds in dogs and cats.

The medical records from two clinics in Germany of dogs and cats that had open wound therapy and for which bacterial culture results had been reported between January 2011 and October 2013 were included in the study. Bacterial culture results were available for 88 patients at the beginning of open wound therapy and for 52 patients during therapy. The results were compared against 184 patients that had been treated for bite wounds.

Bacterial cultures were positive in 77 of 88 patients (88 per cent) at the beginning of open wound therapy and 27 of 52 patients (52 per cent) during therapy. Of the isolated bacteria, 42 of 88 (48 per cent) were classified as multidrug-resistant at the beginning of therapy, decreasing to 21 of 52 (41 per cent) during treatment. Bite wounds …

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