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ON December 12, 2015, Harry Barber, MA, PhD, MRCVS, of 1 The Conifers, Lyefield Place, Kidmore End Road, Emmer Green, Reading, Berkshire. Dr Barber qualified from London in 1948.

Simon and Cathie Orr write: Harry Barber was born in Vienna on April 15, 1923, and his family had his future mapped out, intending him to enter his uncle's factory making woollen garments and to be groomed for management. Harry, however, had other ideas and, from the moment he entered primary school in 1929, he was determined to become a veterinary surgeon. He avidly studied all things zoological and ignored other subjects, resulting in him being discharged from school. After school his family was despairing of him when German troops marched into Austria on March 12, 1938. His family, of Jewish descent, was not religious but, the day after the German Anschluss, his classmates began to treat him as a pariah. He and his family were persecuted and humiliated by the new government. Realising there was no future for them in Austria, his divorced mother applied to a British refugee organisation and Harry was fortunate to be allocated a place on a Kindertransport due to leave Vienna on December 10, 1938. During the journey through Germany, the children on the train were subjected to repeated inspections by German officers, one of whom ‘confiscated’ his treasured camera. The train finally crossed into Holland and Harry arrived at Harwich on December 12.

The children …

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