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A History of Bovine TB c.1965-c.2000: Witness Seminar Transcript
An oral history of bovine TB
  1. Andrew Gardiner

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Edited by C. Overy and E. M. Tansey
126 pages, paperback, £6. Wellcome Witnesses to Contemporary Medicine Series, vol 55.
Queen Mary University of London. 2015.
ISBN 978 1 910195 05 5

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THIS interesting book demonstrates the value of oral testimony to the modern history of science and medicine. It is the 55th volume in the Wellcome Witnesses to Contemporary Medicine series, and the second to address veterinary medicine, the first being volume 18, on foot-and-mouth disease, published in 2003. Bovine TB makes an excellent subject for the witness seminar treatment.

The volume comprises an edited transcript of the exchanges that took place between some key players on May 13, 2014, when the participants met at Queen Mary University of London, under the auspices of the History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group. The transcript was edited in consultation with the participants before being published, so the final product can be taken as an authoritative account of what participants had to say on the day. There are no chapters or sections; instead, the book is a continuous stream of dialogue, laid out much like a play. Reading it, you have the sense of being in the same room as the …

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