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EU membership and animal health and welfare
  1. Joseph A. Woods
  1. 179 Carrickmannon Road, Crossgar, Downpatrick BT30 9NN

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THIS country had a visit last week by the US president Barack Obama during which he overtly encouraged/threatened the British population to vote to remain in the EC. It was not very well received by many people; he did not, however, unlike our Secretary of State, write a Viewpoint article in Veterinary Record. I have never before known a cabinet minister to write to a scientific journal an article of such blatant political propaganda. The Cameron mantra: ‘I firmly believe that we are both safer and stronger in a reformed European Union’ leaves no doubt at all about that.

It would be too long and tedious to cover every point made in the article, however, the following are of note.

Diseases don't respect borders and our EC membership enhances our ability to protect ourselves from threats beyond our shores.’

The main factor that has protected us and given our two islands an excellent animal health record down …

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