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Cattle health
Mycoplasma in cattle
  1. Robin Nicholas1 and
  2. Roger Ayling2
  1. 1The Oaks, Nutshell Lane, Upper Hale, Farnham, Surrey GU9 0HG, e-mail:
  2. 2Animal and Plant Health Agency, Department of Bacteriology, Woodham Lane, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 3NB

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IT was good to hear on Radio 4′s Farming Today programme recently that a Cumbrian farmer, who had sustained disastrous losses two years ago, which resulted in him culling his entire herd, was in the process of restocking his dairy farm. He had reported huge milk production losses, arthritis, poor fertility and illthrift caused by ‘multiple strains of three mycoplasmas: Mycoplasma bovis, Mycoplasma wenyonii and Candidatus Mycoplasma haemobos’. Whether the last two organisms can cause disease is unproven but M bovis is well recognised as …

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