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Antimicrobial resistance
Interventions on antibiotic use not without consequence, warns RUMA

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THE Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance (RUMA) is warning that unnecessary suffering and significant losses in the farm livestock sector could result from misrepresentation of the facts around antimicrobial resistance and a failure to appreciate the situation in different countries.

On April 12, RUMA issued a statement in response to reports that a group of 54 major financial investors had written to 10 large restaurant groups in the UK and the USA asking them to ‘stop their meat and poultry suppliers using antibiotics vital for human health’.

In its statement, RUMA said: ‘We recognise concerns about growing resistance to antibiotics, but in humans, resistance is largely attributed to human medical use, with a recent study confirming farm animal use could be responsible for as few as one in every 370 clinical cases. Despite this, resistance is a threat in animals too and the farming industry, as well as those looking after the health of horses and pets, must do its bit to control spread.’

Welcoming the concept of food companies working sustainably with their supply chains to reduce the need for antibiotic use in farm animals, …

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