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Multiple phytobezoars in sibling goats
  1. Jonathan Hollins
  1. Senior Veterinary Officer, Agriculture and Natural Resources Division, St Helena Government, Jamestown, St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean STHL 1ZZ

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I WOULD like to report an unusual and interesting case of multiple phytobezoars in sibling goats. The development of the bezoars appears to have relied on the ingestion of two plant species, one providing the materials, the other the predisposing biochemicals. Of relevance is the geographical location, on a farm lying at 500 metres just below the central volcanic ridge on the British Overseas Territory of the Island of St Helena, in the tropical South Atlantic.

The male of the twin siblings, of cross-bred Anglo Nubian stock, was first presented in a moribund state at three months of age. Clinical examination revealed an unremarkable temperature, pulse and respiratory rate, a slightly delayed capillary refill time, complete gut stasis with mild bloating and, of particular note, rectal faecoliths coated in thick mucus. The similarity to grass sickness in horses was noted but as there …

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