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Dentistry in Rabbits and Rodents
Practical guide to help with diagnosis and treatment of dental disease
  1. John Chitty

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Estella Böhmer 296 pages, hardback, £79.99. Wiley-Blackwell. 2015. ISBN 978 1 118 80254 0

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A REVIEW should start by giving an idea of the reviewer's perspective and any potential conflicts of interest. Here, I do have a possible conflict in that I am a co-editor of a potentially competing text, albeit one that covers rabbits only rather than including small mammals. That said, I am also a vet who sees a significant caseload of small mammal dental disease and would certainly have bought this book if I hadn't been asked to review it. Why? This is a much-anticipated book from a well-known and respected clinician who is very active in the online exotics' fora. In addition, this is a new and controversial field with various authors frequently contesting strongly held views. For clinicians picking their way through these views and opinions, it is welcome …

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