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Dangerous dogs
New sentencing guidelines for dangerous dog offences

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THE Sentencing Council has published new guidelines for courts on sentencing people who are convicted of offences under the dangerous dogs legislation.

The new guidelines, which were published on March 17, will come into force in courts in England and Wales from July this year. They cover offences where a dog injures or kills a person, where it injures an assistance dog, or where someone possesses a banned breed of dog. The guidance has been introduced following changes to the legislation on dangerous dogs in 2014, which extended the law to cover incidents on private property and introduced a new offence to cover attacks on assistance dogs. The changes to the legislation also increased the maximum sentences that can be given for offences (VR, May 24, 2016, vol 174, p 517).

The Sentencing Council says that the new guidelines are designed to deal with a wide range of offending behaviour and aim to provide clear guidance …

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