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Gracey's Meat Hygiene, 11th edn
Meat hygiene
  1. Jane Downes

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David S. Collins and Robert J. Huey 352 pages, hardback, £89.99. Wiley-Blackwell. 2014. ISBN 978 1 118 65002 8

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THE 11th edition of Gracey's Meat Hygiene will ensure that the title remains on the vet schools' reading list for some years to come. Perhaps the title is a little outdated, failing to reflect the scope of information required by those working in meat production; however, the book melds an interesting combination of the old and the new. The authors have selected some of the original intricate diagrams of the key anatomical features for identification for the presence of disease, which contrast with the coloured modern photographs demonstrating the technology and the hygiene used now by the meat industry.

After an interesting introduction to the meat industry, the …

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