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Dairy cow health
Left displaced abomasum correction in three preweaned calves
  1. Andrew Biggs and
  2. Lucinda Harvey
  1. Vale Veterinary Group, Tiverton, Devon EX16 4LF, e-mail:

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LEFT displaced abomasum (LDA) is a not uncommon condition of the adult lactating dairy cow but has only been reported sporadically in calves (King 1979, Dennis 1984) and in some instances has been associated with pathology such as a liver abscess (Laux 2009). We would like to report the successful correction of uncomplicated LDA in three preweaned milk-fed calves using the Grymer/Sterner toggle suture repair method.

The first calf of unrecorded age was seen by one author (AMB) some years ago at a routine herd fertility …

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