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MPs call for data on racing greyhound injuries to be made public

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A COMMITTEE of MPs has recommended that Defra should amend regulations governing the welfare of racing greyhounds to require that data relating to injuries, euthanasia and rehoming are made public.

In a report of an inquiry it has conducted into the welfare of racing greyhounds, which was published on February 25, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs select committee (EFRACom) says that, while the evidence it received suggested that the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations 2010 have improved welfare conditions for greyhounds at race tracks, it is not possible to say definitively how much improvement there has been because of ‘an absence of readily available data concerning key welfare indicators, particularly around injuries incurred while racing’.

The committee suggests that a requirement in the 2010 Regulations for data to be collected on, for example, injuries at race tracks, ‘has not been accompanied by a willingness to make that data available for public scrutiny or analysis’. It says that a ‘lack of transparency and paucity of publicly available data’ leaves no clear baseline against which to judge the effectiveness or impact of the 2010 Regulations and that, although it has been mandatory to collect data on injuries for five years, ‘there has been no move to put it to greater use’. It reports that the …

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