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Sheep diseases
Scouring in neonatal lambs
  1. Peter Orpin
  1. Park Veterinary Group, 82-84 High Street, Whetstone, Leicestershire LE8 6LQ, e-mail:

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FURTHER to the letter from Emily Gascoigne and Michael Millar relating to role of multidrug resistance in lambs (VR, July 11, 2015, vol 177, p 521), I would like to share some experiences involving three lowland flocks which, earlier this year, experienced acute scour in 24-hour-old lambs with high levels of morbidity and significant mortality.

Flock A, with 700 crossbred mules, experienced a severe scour problem in neonatal lambs early in the lambing period (lambs from the 20th ewe to lamb were affected, lambing indoors in a clean pen). The majority of lambs born during the lambing period suffered from scour with occasional signs of Escherichia coli septicaemia (‘rattle belly’, ‘watery mouth’). Initial faeces sample results revealed a multiple resistant E coli and a clinical presentation consistent with colibacillosis. Therapy or attempted metaphylaxis with antibiotics was partially successful. Enhanced disinfection …

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