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Vaccination against canine parvoviral enteritis in healthy dogs
  1. Fulvio Marsilio, PhD, DVM
  1. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Teramo, Teramo TE 64100, Italy, e-mail:

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HUMAN and animal immunisation reduces the mortality from, and prevalence of, vaccine-preventable infections. Even though vaccines are generally considered safe, in the past there has been strong opposition coming from several lobby groups against the use and the implementation of vaccination (Jeffrey 2005).

Vaccinations may sometimes be misused (for a variety of reasons) particularly when a risk analysis of the vaccine's benefit is not performed. For example, a vaccination may be unnecessary if an animal already has antibodies against the infectious disease, but usually vets do not know the immune status of their patients.

This situation is discussed in the paper by Riedl and others (2015) summarised on page 597 of this issue of Veterinary Record. The authors gathered field parvoviral immunity status in a German dog population and, based on their results argue that, antibody …

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