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Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex excretion

by wild boar and red deer

N. Santos, V. Almeida, C. Gortázar, M. Correia-Neves

WILD boar and red deer are important maintenance hosts for bovine tuberculosis (TB) in continental Europe. Understanding Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTC) excretion is important in developing strategies to control bovine TB in free-ranging populations. This study investigated MTC excretion by four different routes (oronasal, bronchial-alveolar, faecal and urinary) in wild boar and red deer.

One hundred and sixteen wild boar and 62 red deer hunted in Portugal were collected in order to investigate the MTC excretion routes from naturally infected wild animals. From these animals, the head and distal third of the neck (66 wild boar and 33 deer), the lungs and proximal third of the trachea (66 wild boar and 54 deer), faeces from the rectum (93 wild boar and 41 deer) and urine samples from the urinary bladder (three wild boar and one deer) were collected. Bronchial-alveolar lavages were obtained by aseptically pouring 100 ml of sterile water into the trachea, inverting the lungs and collecting the washes from the trachea. Oronasal lavages were collected by pouring 100 ml of sterile water into the pharynx and collecting the washes from the nose and mouth. DNA was extracted from the samples and lavages and screened …

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