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Equine Emergency and Critical Care Medicine
Equine emergencies
  1. Emma Shipman

Statistics from

Louise L. Southwood and Pamela A. Wilkins
880 pages, hardback, £84.15.
Manson Publishing. 2014.
ISBN 978 1 84076 194 8

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MY husband (who works in artificial intelligence computer systems) asks what I am doing.

‘I'm reviewing a book for Veterinary Record.

‘A book?’


‘A textbook?’

‘Yes, a textbook, with paper pages, a hardback cover; one that lives on a bookshelf.’

‘. . . dinosaur.’

‘Well, you work in a nice dry office with a reliable Internet connection. You don't stand in the pouring rain, in minus temperatures or with uncooperative patients. I like textbooks, they work in the middle of nowhere, …

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