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Llama and Alpaca Care: Medicine, Surgery, Reproduction, Nutrition and Herd Health
Veterinary care of camelids
  1. Claire E. Whitehead

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Chris Cebra, David Anderson, Ahmed Tibary, Robert Van Saun and LaRue Johnson
640 pages, hardback, £89.09.
Elsevier Saunders. 2014.
ISBN 978 1 43772 352 6

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THIS book is an essential text for anyone working with South American camelids. It is the first, all-around camelid-specific text that guides the clinician in their approach to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting these animals. It brings together the vast amount of knowledge that has accumulated over the past 20 years or so, into an accessible format.

The book is divided into seven sections: herd health, nutrition, reproduction, principles of health …

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