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Pedicle ties provide a rapid and safe method for feline ovariohysterectomy

K. P. Miller, W. Rekers, K. Ellis, K. Ellingsen, M. Milovancev

WHEN traditionally performing an ovariohysterectomy (OHE) in cats, two ligatures are placed around each ovarian pedicle to achieve haemostasis and prevent haemorrhaging; this is called pedicle double ligation (PDL). Recently, a new technique has emerged, the pedicle tie (PT), where the ovarian pedicle is ligated upon itself. The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of the two techniques by evaluating the difference in surgical time, and determining the rate of haemorrhage-related complications when using the PT technique.

To determine the rate of haemorrhage-related complications, 2136 intact female cats underwent OHE using the PT technique. Six cats (0.281 per cent) experienced haemorrhage-related complications, of which five were detected during surgery and corrected. The other case was detected in the postoperative period, but recovered after suture ligation of the haemorrhaging pedicle.

To determine the difference in surgical time between the PT and PDL techniques, the surgical time for four groups of cats was recorded. The groups were: kittens undergoing PT (n=50), kittens undergoing PDL (n=49), adult cats undergoing PT (n=50) and adult cats undergoing PDL (n=54). Kittens and adults cats were separated as kitten OHE is considered to be …

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