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RCVS Council agrees changes to routes of entry to RCVS Fellowship

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THE RCVS Council met in the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh on June 4. This was the first time the Council had held a meeting outside London in its 170-year history.

The RCVS reports that, among the decisions made during the meeting, significant changes were agreed to the routes of entry to the RCVS Fellowship. Changes to the RCVS Fellowship have been discussed by the Council for some time (see, for example, VR, June 29, 2013, vol 172, p 671; May 10, 2014, vol 174, p 464) and, at the meeting on June 4, it was agreed that the current route to fellowship by thesis should be closed as it was judged to be unsustainable on quality assurance grounds. Instead, the Council decided that individuals who wished to achieve a high-level qualification should be encouraged to look at existing doctoral programmes. The RCVS reports that it was also decided to discontinue the current honorary fellowship route.

The changes will take effect on August 1 this year and, from that date, the routes to …

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