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BVA survey suggests a quarter of dogs remain unchipped

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ALTHOUGH there is less than a year to go before microchipping of dogs becomes compulsory in England, Wales and Scotland, the results of a recent BVA survey suggest that at least 25 per cent of dogs are still not microchipped. Adding to the challenge, a survey carried out by online retailer MedicAnimal, indicates that many owners of unchipped dogs have no intention of getting their animals microchipped.

By spring next year, all dogs in Great Britain will have to be microchipped and registered on a database by law. As part of the BVA's spring ‘Voice of the Veterinary Profession’ survey, small animal and mixed practice vets were asked: ‘What percentage of the dogs you see would you estimate are microchipped?’ Eighty-seven per cent of the 378 respondents cited figures of up to 75 per cent, suggesting, says the BVA, that the majority of vets have at least a quarter of canine patients without microchips.

The results varied across regions of Great Britain, with 68 per cent of vets in London estimating that …

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