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RCVS disciplinary committee
Equine vet reprimanded for prepurchase examination and certification errors

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THE RCVS Disciplinary Committee has reprimanded an equine veterinary surgeon who failed to pass on information about a horse's clinical history to a potential buyer during a prepurchase examination.

At a disciplinary hearing starting on October 13, Adele Lewis, the sole principal of an equine clinic in Lechlade, Gloucestershire, faced two charges, each comprising a number of parts, relating to a prepurchase examination of a horse, which she carried out in February 2014 on behalf of a prospective purchaser.

Explaining the circumstances of the case, the RCVS reports that the horse was owned by a long-standing client of Ms Lewis and that, following the prepurchase examination, she certified that, in her opinion, the horse's veterinary history did not increase the risk of purchase. However, when the new owner attempted to obtain insurance for the horse, the new owner was made aware that a claim had been made by the previous owner in September 2013. The new owner subsequently found out that, following concerns expressed by the previous owner and her trainer about the horse's movement, Ms Lewis had referred the animal to a specialist in equine orthopaedics. The specialist had diagnosed the horse with lameness and had given it intra-articular medication; …

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