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Shortage of experienced vets
  1. Andrew Davies1,
  2. Andy Adler1,
  3. Den Leonard2,
  4. James Allcock2 and
  5. Andrew Curwen3
  1. Synergy Farm Health, West Hill Barns, Evershot, Dorset DT2 0LD
  2. Lambert, Leonard and May, Old Woodhouses, Broughall, Whitchurch SY13 4AQ
  3. XL Vet UK, Carlisle House, Townhead Road, Dalston, Carlisle, Cumbria CA5 7JF e-mail:

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WE read with interest your Comment (VR, October 10, 2015, vol 177, p 352) reflecting on the call by the Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons for a relaxation in the rules on employing veterinary surgeons from outside the EU to deal with the recruitment challenges that practices are reporting.

We were surprised that this was seen as a preferred route for solving the recruitment issue. Considering the number of vets graduating from university we surely now should be looking closely at ourselves as a profession and trying to answer the fundamental question of why there is a …

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