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BVA members day
Change and challenges during a presidential year

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‘WITH change comes challenge,’ said John Blackwell, the outgoing BVA President, in his address at BVA Members' Day in Edinburgh last week. Having taken ‘Driving change, shaping the future’ as the theme for his year as president, he firmly believed that the profession had to be active in driving positive change and shaping the best possible future for animal and human health and welfare, as well as for vets and the veterinary profession.

The change in government in May, and ongoing change in the profession, brought with it a number of challenges, said Mr Blackwell. Rigorous and robust debates had been had on a range of issues to ensure that they were addressed. These included the BVA's campaign on non-stun slaughter, which he described as ‘one of the issues where driving change and doing what is right has required real focus and diplomacy’. Another had been bovine TB where, he said, ‘it will be no secret that our position on wildlife control measures as part of the bovine …

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